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As slogans go `The Chamber of Conscience` really hits the spot, quite inspirational especially for the Watford Foodbank. They collected just under three quarters of a Tonne! Fantastic, and then followed it up with a second collection a few months later, this time over one Tonne was donated. We are grateful recipients of the vision and the motivation to do something different which makes a real difference to so many people who are struggling and vulnerable in our wonderful and generous town. Proud to be a part of the team.

Andrew Tranter

Watford Foodbank

SR Cloud Solutions recently joined the chamber and attended a Metro Bank networking event the next day.

I’m pleased to say that it was a refreshing and excellent way to network with local businesses, there was a real feeling of community about the event.

Everyone I spoke with was looking to work with local businesses in and around the Watford area for the mutual benefit of each other.

At the first event we attended we made connections with several businesses, and have already been in to see one of them, I’m pleased to say that at the first Watford Chamber event we attended we gained a new customer. I highly recommend the Watford Chamber as a great place to learn about, and work within the local business community

Jamie Ritchie

SR Cloud Solutions

I joined the Watford Chamber over a year ago, as a small business who is looking to support other SME businesses in the local area I believe it is by far one of the best organisations I have joined. The CEO and their staff actively help you to make connections with other businesses in the area. They are living by their rule of supporting the local businesses believeby using them themselves. I also the networking events that are put on are amazing as well, the informal relaxed environment allows businesses to get to know each other on their own terms and thus forging good relationships for the future. Looking forward to seeing what the Chamber has in store for us next.

Parmilla Minhas

HR Dept

I have known Chris Luff for the past couple of years in my role as Assistant Director of HR at Hertfordshire County Council. I first met Chris as a fellow Envoy member of the Hertfordshire Local Enterprise Partnership. It was from this association that I learnt of Chris’s leadership of the Watford and West Herts Chamber. Since learning about his leadership of this group, I have been impressed with his span of knowledge and impact on the local community and his network within Hertfordshire which is impressive.

Sally Hopper

Herts County Council

Watford Chamber of Commerce and Conscience Supports people to ignite, grow and foster connections and opportunities within their community. 

The Chamber fosters engagement with people. The weaving and brokering of social networks, creates the platforms and opportunities for relationships to flourish, placing connectivity as an explicit goal Being visible and getting noticed is a big benefit of networking.  Building your reputation as a knowledgeable, reliable and supportive person by offering useful information or tips to people who need it and maximising opportunities.

Gillian Lawton

The Collett School

The Watford Chamber of Commerce provides an exceptional service to its members under the strong leadership of Chris Luff. The Chamber has reinvented networking events, bringing them up-to-date and making them both relevant and informative. A dual focus, on the one hand facilitating business development in Watford and the surrounding areas and on the other, developing a genuine community spirited environment to which their members are proud to be involved. The Conscience aspect is something unique and special that this Chamber should be recognised for founding.

Lisa Clark

Managing Director

iSales Academy Limited

Watford Chamber of Commerce is now the connected hub for Business in Watford & West Herts, working hard to bring together the business community. The differing sizes & types of business that are involved offers a real opportunity to grow & promote your business. The Chamber of Conscience movement has really helped link the business & charity sectors allowing businesses to partner with charities operating within the same communities. However the highlight of my Chamber membership was seeing the students from West Herts Collage supporting The Watford Chamber of Commerce at a recent event at Metro Bank. They greeted guests & had great conversations with local businesses. The fact that a number of the students gained work experience as a result was testimony to how well it worked & a great credit to Chris, Saffron & the team. Lots of people talk about creating business networks but Watford Chamber are truly delivering.

Richard Gann

Metro Bank

The Watford Chamber put on some fantastic events in and around the Watford area, it has given our InsurTech a chance to meet local businesses and build our network locally so we think of it as a hub for like minded people and businesses. Their can do attitude is both refreshing and extremely helpful when it comes to introductions and growing our business.

Ed Simpson

Xtract 360

Our chamber does more than just "do business" it cares about community too . Making Watford an even better place to live , work and play! How can you afford NOT to be part of that.

Baroness Dorothy Thornhill

Baroness Dorothy Thornhill

We know the value of networks to foster innovative collaboration and get things moving. Watford & West Herts Chamber of Commerce, under Chris Luff’s expert stewardship, are bringing new and existing communities together to foster lasting change.

Lucy Gravatt

Herts LEP

Since meeting Chris, Izzy and Saffron at the Chamber we have been inspired by their boundless enthusiasm not only to help local businesses like ourselves, connect, develop and grow,  but also by their matching desire to develop our local communities and environment, as part of an integrated approach.  It must be a great place to work!

Fiona Edwards

JPA Furniture

When I think about the experience I’ve had with you guys either through your communications and the networking event I attended , the words that come into my head are fresh, energetic and optimistic.

Peter Sloane

Sloane Capital

We have never been a member of a trade association and our expectations were low when we joined the Watford Chamber of Commerce and Conscience in February 2019. How wrong we were. The chamber holds fantastic networking events, has been unbelievably supportive of our business, and has materially helped grow our bottom line. The work the chamber of conscience and commerce does in bringing local charities together with local businesses helps builds communities, and we are proud to be a part of it.

Joe Mealing

Mealing's Taxis

The Chamber is proving invaluable in connecting business and the public and voluntary sector together. These connections are repeatedly producing opportunities to make Watford a better place for everyone, and definitely a better place to do business in.

Justine Hoy

Watford Borough Council

Welcoming, responsible, stimulating and engaging. The Watford and West Herts Chamber places equal measure on enabling local businesses to network and explore growth opportunities as it does on supporting charitable groups and promoting key community initiatives. A valuable force for positive change in the local area.

Elan Diamond



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