Chamber of Conscience

What is it?

The Chamber of Conscience is a movement promoting companies to network for a social and environmental cause. The idea behind it stems from the need for companies to help develop the local business community and the people within it.

Our Focus

We are committed to reducing the unemployment rate for those with disabilities, as we believe everyone has a talent and can offer something. We aim to raise awareness about this issue, so that talented individuals who would normally be overlooked, are connected with businesses in order to create a relationship where both parties can mutually benefit. We focus on ability, not disability.

We are also very involved in protecting our environment and take sustainability very seriously. By implementing new projects and utilising existing ones, we can create a better environment for all. We feel that everyone can contribute to the sustainability of our environment and that every action, no matter how big or small, contributes to this.


  • Influence recruitment policies of local businesses
  • Increase the amount of disability confident registered companies in the area
  • Have local businesses sign up to the new ‘Ability Recruitment Policy’
  • Positions filled & staff trained
  • Raise awareness of important environmental issues and concerns
  • Reduce the amount of plastic used
  • Avoiding products that contain microbeads

For more information, please contact Chris Luff, CEO.

: 01923 442442


Just wanted to say thanks the opportunity to pitch at the event this morning - It was a really enjoyable network session felt very relaxed and informal and met some really inspiring people. Following the session this morning I have made a number of key contacts to help support the Electrify Campaign but also explore future business opportunities for Electric Blue. Thanks again and look forward to next event.
Damien McGlue - Electric Blue Ltd