Cloud Focus was founded in 2012 by Alan Hecht and Richard Hurford who share a belief that the future of small business IT is in the cloud.

Traditional IT solutions have seen customers with equipment such as servers and routers on site – this is expensive, not secure, takes office space, has peaks and troughs of costs, and is usually not resilient or redundant.

Cloud based solutions are the opposite – regular monthly payments for a secure and resilient service. In addition, the cloud offers advantages over traditional solutions with collaboration tools, access to email and documents wherever you are, storage of every version of documents etc.

So, Cloud Focus was born to provide support, services and project work, primarily based around solutions in the cloud.

Cloud Focus has grown steadily in its five years of existence and now supports over 30 clients of different sizes, in different business areas and locations. The service provided is extremely personal every client has an account manager, usually Alan or Richard, who acts as a trusted advisor to proactively manage the services provided and to discuss opportunities and developments at regular review meetings.