Proudly Presents... Open Mic Meditation - An Evening of Guided Meditations


Date of Event: July 23, 2021

Start Time: 18:00:00

Finish Time: 19:00:00

Location: Zoom

Price of Tickets: Free

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Details of the Event

Join us for a Monthly event we like to call... OMM...A place for budding Meditation Teachers, Facilitators and Established Professionals to deliver Guided Meditations to a growing audience of Meditators

We invite new Guests every month to deliver Guided Meditations to our growing audiences. This makes each month unique and unpredictable!
Will you find your new favourite Meditation Guide? Will you get some ideas or tips for your own Guided Meditations?

Each session is broadcast through our Podcast channel and the back catalogue will be available in our Members Area... so get involved! We would love to have you join us

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