The Psychology of Marketing

Organiser: Watford and Chamber of Commerce

Date of Event: June 29, 2021

Start Time: 10:00:00

Finish Time: 11:30:00

Location: REMO

Price of Tickets: FREE

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Details of the Event

Psych up your marketing with our free interactive webinar about the psychological techniques that can help you build effective marketing strategies. Speakers from the Watford Chamber of Commerce, Positive Intelligence, Inc. and Mustr will be discussing topics on effective emotional marketing, making your business a human to human connection, and how storytelling is a vital strategy to market your business. We will be teaching you how these topics can expand your marketing campaign to greater heights.

Everyone is welcome, from businesses looking to improve their marketing campaigns to those simply curious about the psychology behind marketing. During the event our audience are welcome to converse with us in the chat box and will have a chance for a Q+A and networking at the end of the presentation. Hope to see you there.

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