Organiser: Watford Chamber in partnership with Councillor Rabi Martins

Date of Event: May 5, 2021

Start Time: 16:00:00

Finish Time: 17:00:00

Location: Join Live or watch on The Chamber Facebook Page

Price of Tickets: Free

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Details of the Event

The weekly Wellness Webinars with Mental Health Champion Rabi Martins  when the guest will be Alison May from W3RT.

Alison will be discussing loneliness and how it is not a mental health issue but is major factor in a lot of people’s lives. Loneliness can cause mental health issues and a lot of people with mental health issues suffer greatly with loneliness.

For 15 years Alison worked as a marketing manager in the electronics industry, when she became a mother her life outlook changed. For the past 8 years, she has been working in the voluntary sector on a range of projects across the UK and Europe looking at overcoming barriers like social inclusion and skill development. The work she has done in the past 8 years has highlighted the many issues around loneliness and the importance of strong communities. She is now working on The Present Project which is all about how we can help to combat loneliness in the community.

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