Export Services

Export Certification

Our team can help with the issue and certification of documents to ensure your goods and services are exported in accordance with international law and procedures. Whether you are exporting for the first time or require further assistance on preparation of documents, we can offer help and advice on the following:

  • EC Certificates of Origin
  • EUR1 & ATR Movement Certificates
  • Arab British Certification (Postal Service)
  • Egyptian British Certification (Postal Service)
  • Foreign & Commonwealth Apostille (Postal Service)

Please note, our Export Department is open from 9:30am to 3:30pm, Monday to Friday.

Formal Undertaking

This is an annually renewable document which must be held at the Chamber before certification of documents can take place. It is completed by the Company Director/Company Secretary who authorises chosen employees to sign export documents on behalf of their company. Once completed the Original document is returned by post to the chamber. The Chamber should always be notified of any changes to the list of approved signatories.

Click here to download the Formal Undertaking and once completed, return it to the chamber.

EZ-cert Express (Electronic Certification)

Documents are completed online and are printed in-house on pre-purchased blank Certificates of Origin.

This is the most cost-effective method as there is no need for couriers or postage.

Click here to register for the online documentation service.

EZ-cert Standard (Electronic Certification)

Documents are completed online which are then printed by the Chamber and returned by post.

Click here to register for the online documentation service.


If you would prefer the Chamber to prepare the document on your behalf, please contact our export team for prices.

: 01923 442442

: info@watford-chamber.co.uk

While you wait

If you would prefer to have your document done in person, you can bring the document into our office with the appropriate backup documents and we will complete your document while you wait.

In order to ensure confidentiality, this is offered on an appointment only basis and is not available for legalisation/FCO.

Please note, this will incur an additional fee.

Contact our export team for prices.

: 01923 442442

: info@watford-chamber.co.uk

Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed attending last months networking event at Metro Bank. It was a fresh and an innovative approach to networking, it’s great to see the Chamber ‘draw on’ new ideas and I will be attending more events in the future with you guys now I have re-joined the ‘new chamber’.
Nik Allen, My News