Established in 2008 Harrisons Research & Genealogy have fast establised ourselves as a leading probate research company. Providing services to the legal industry, public sector and to private executors & administrators

At Harrisons Research & Genealogy, we focus on what matters most, our clients. Our team of highly experienced research professionals are committed to serving your needs and providing you with the reliable and accurate information you need. From document searches, research checking and finding missing heirs, to unclaimed asset searches and will locating services, one call to Harrisons Research & Genealogy will provide the solutions you need. Contact us today for an initial consultation and let the Harrisons team get to work for you.

Located in Hertfordshire, Harrisons Research & Genealogy is the UK’s number one resource for public services, legal firms and both private executors and administrators. Our fast, expert service ensures our clients’ needs are met and exceeded and that they receive the personalised attention and urgency their request entails. Harrisons Research & Genealogy offers a mixed fee structure enabling us to offer our services at competitive prices providing even more value to our clients.