Hubs and Clusters

We are actively involved with four cluster groups in the area. The ethos for forming these clusters came about by companies wishing to do business with like-minded and similar sector companies, whilst at the same time sharing intelligence and pulling together on key issues.

The four cluster groups are as follows:

  • Pharmaceutical Industry Networking Group (PING)
  • Creative Industry Networking Group (CING)
  • Big Business Connect
  • Retail Cluster Group (now “Watford Town Centre Partnership” or “WTCP”)

Pharmaceutical Industry Networking Group (PING)

PING was the first of the Cluster Groups to be formed. It now has well over 100 members and is facilitated in partnership with Paul Gershlick of VWV. Paul has recently been awarded an Honorary Doctorate at the University of Hertfordshire for his work with the group and Pharma industry. A recent conference attracted over 140 delegates and discussions have started to take place in relation to rolling out the group country wide.

Creative Industry Networking Group (CING)

CING is attracting healthy interest and is steadily growing. This Cluster is facilitated by Syd Nadim, a well known local entrepreneur and Executive Chairman of Clock Ltd.

Big Business Connect

Big Business Connect is a forum comprising of representatives at Chief Executive, Managing Director and Financial Director level from Watford’s top 35 companies.

The purpose of the group is to find out what attracted these important companies to the town, what they like about doing business in Watford and what they would consider as barriers to their business. The intention is that the group will meet on a quarterly basis.

Retail Cluster (now Watford Town Centre Partnership) (WTCP)

Originally established by Watford Borough Council, this Cluster was reformed in January 2014 as the new Watford Town Centre Partnership. Following the recent appointment of a Town Centre Manager, Watford and West Herts Chamber of Commerce has joined up with Intu Watford, John Lewis Watford and Watford Borough Council in forming a new WTCP Executive Board. This Board will help guide the new town centre management programme and manager of the next 3 years.

For more details on all the above Cluster Groups:

Chris Luff, CEO

: 01923 442442


Working with the Watford and West Herts Chamber of Commerce has proved incredibly fruitful for Mustr in a very short period of time. We're a business with a slightly unique proposition and the timing of our membership couldn't have been better. We've had the privilege of working directly with Chris who has opened up numerous doors and involved us in lots of conversations with other key members. As a result, we're now talking to fellow businesses about how our products and services can help them. My advice to any business thinking of joining the chamber is simple. Get involved right now, and make sure you're in Chris' inbox at least once a day!
Razi Hassan -