Modern Slavery

Simple but effective financial enquiries you can make to help protect your supply chain from Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery. Ask yourself these questions?
  • Do I employ my staff directly?
  • Do I employ my staff via an agency?
  • Do I employ my staff full time, fixed term contract or part time?
  • Do I interview/register staff at my offices, agency offices or on site?
  • Do I have an in-house payroll department?
  • Do I outsource my payroll?
If you answered yes to any of these questions then running these simple checks, listed below, through your systems or insisting your partners run them through theirs as a contractual obligation, can protect your company and assist with identifying potential victims of Modern Slavery.
  1. Multiple names linked to a single bank account.
  2. Multiple names linked to a single address.
  3. Multiple names linked to a single mobile number.
  4. Multiple names linked to a single email address.
  5. Multiple names linked to a single emergency contact.
If you identify one, some or all of the above call any of these numbers for advice.
  1. Modern Slavery Helpline 08000121700
  2. Gangmasters and Labour Abuse Authority 03456025020
  3. Local Police 101

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