One Watford

Our Chamber represents the business community on the Watford’s Local Strategic Partnership now known as One Watford and is chaired by Dorothy Thornhill Elected Mayor of Watford.

One Watford’s Board is made up of the following key organisations in Watford:

Watford and West Herts Chamber of Commerce
Watford Borough Council
West Herts College
John Lewis Watford
Watford Football Club
Watford Observer
Watford Council For Voluntary Services
Hertfordshire Police Authority
Hertfordshire County Council
Hertfordshire National Health Service
Watford Commmunity Housing Trust

The One Watford Board meet regularly to discuss a wide range of issues which effect the quality of life in Watford for our residents and what stakeholders can do to attract and retain more business in our town. One Watford also look at ways in which Watford can be an even more attractive town in which to live, visit and work.

One Watford also consider ways in which we can improve the health and safety of our residents and are currently working on three performance reward grant projects which are:

  • Partnership Protected Area which involves visiting thousands of homes in the town to discuss with residents free crime prevention checks, fire safety checks and health advice.
  • The Sustainable Transport Strategy/ Watford Commuter which means that 8,500 people working in Watford can now receive information about more sustainable ways of making their journeys to and from work by using public transport, cycling, car sharing and even walking shorter distances.
  • Reducing Carbon Emissions which is all about giving help and advice to local companies with a view to reducing their carbon emissions thereby making Watford a more healthy and pleasant town in which to live and work.

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Working with the Watford and West Herts Chamber of Commerce has proved incredibly fruitful for Mustr in a very short period of time. We're a business with a slightly unique proposition and the timing of our membership couldn't have been better. We've had the privilege of working directly with Chris who has opened up numerous doors and involved us in lots of conversations with other key members. As a result, we're now talking to fellow businesses about how our products and services can help them. My advice to any business thinking of joining the chamber is simple. Get involved right now, and make sure you're in Chris' inbox at least once a day!
Razi Hassan -