Policy and Representation

Your Concern is our Concern

As the independent voice of and for business, Watford and West Herts Chamber of Commerce expresses the views of its members and represents them on local, regional and national issues that could affect their business.

Our Chamber is requested for formal comment on all these matters as a business-representative organisation, so it is a priority for us to understand our member’s views on planning and government initiatives. We listen to all sizes and types of business, understanding their concerns, issues and aspirations so that we can use our influence to create positive change.

Just wanted to say thanks the opportunity to pitch at the event this morning - It was a really enjoyable network session felt very relaxed and informal and met some really inspiring people. Following the session this morning I have made a number of key contacts to help support the Electrify Campaign but also explore future business opportunities for Electric Blue. Thanks again and look forward to next event.
Damien McGlue - Electric Blue Ltd