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Which Urban Orchard Are You At?
Each orchard acts as a chance for the community to learn how to reduce their food waste. If you've been curious enough to scan one of our QR codes please select the Urban Orchard you're at and discover a new way to be more sustainable.
Meriden & Mallard Way Junction
Garsmouth Way
Goodwood Park

Download Your Free Environmentally Friendly Cookbook

Here’s a downloadable resource cookbook to help you reduce food waste as well as boost your cooking skills! There's plenty of healthy dishes in this digital cookbook that do good for you and the planet.

How you ask? Some dishes have a lower carbon footprint to produce. E.g. vegetarian meals require less energy to grow compared to meat-based meals. This means your decision to switch out 1-2 (or more!) meat-based meals in your week for tasty plant-based meals is going to add to the collective positive impact in Watford.

A Timeless Thanks

We care about making a difference, so much so that we wanted to show our thanks to the volunteers that helped plant the orchards from each location by including them on our webpage, wherever the QR code is scanned you're bound to spot a few.

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FoF Challenge #1 

Cook up a plant-based meal using at least 1 ingredient that was intended to go to waste.
Tag us in your social media post using #FoFChallenge1 - we'd love to see what tasty meal you've cooked up!

Why Bees Matter To Watford

Over 1/3 of the food we eat relies on pollination from bees

Un-bee-lievable, puns aside, this figure is quite scary knowing that the population of UK bees are in decline. Let's practice some gratitude and show our appreciation of nature through action.

Although Feeding our Future want to help reduce food waste in Watford with your help, we still need to work with nature instead of against it. One way to do that is to plant trees for bees so they have a safe place for their hive, another is to complete Feeding our Future's challenge number 2 below!

Bee pollinating lavender flower
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FoF Challenge #2

Plant lavender in your garden this summer to help out the bumble bees of watford.
Tag us in your social media post using #FoFChallenge2

The Power of Recycling Your Food Waste

Even Our Mayor Came to Help Out!

Watford Mayor even came down to Garsmouth Way to get his hands dirty and help plant some of the trees!

Curious of learning more about food waste reduction? Make sure to click the other locations to see the volunteers involved in the Urban Orchard project and put your food waste theory to practice.

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FoF Challenge #3 

Time to build the habit!
Recycle at least 8/10 items from this list in your household by using your food waste bin: coffee grounds, cooked and uncooked food, egg shells, fish bones / shells, food waste, fruit and vegetable peelings, kitchen roll (used), meat bones, plate scrapings, tea bags
Tag us in your social media post using #FoFChallenge3 

Make Your Food Last Longer!

  1. Place lemon next to your fruit & vegetables to keep them fresher for longer.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    
  2. Store grains in air-tight containers.                                                                                                                             
  3. Green onions last x3 longer when stored in a jar of water!                                                                                   
  4. Your bread loaves can go in the freezer. Extending the lifespan even further and preventing any mould from setting in early.                                                                                                                                    
  5. Freeze your butter in an airtight container for it to last up to 9 months.

Watford's Tree Planting Project

A variety of species were planted in March 2022 for Urban Orchard's tree planting project including; Hawthorne, Golden Delicious Reinders, Granny smith, Delcorf Diana, and Pyrus Conference.

Keep an eye out for more tree planting projects by signing up to our mailer here, we could always do with extra help from volunteers! 

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FoF Challenge #4 

Use 1 of the 5 super storage tips from the list above!
Tag us in your social media post using #FoFChallenge4 - we need your help to influence your friends and family around Watford too so be sure to tag those keen to give one of our super storage tips a try.

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Watford Fields
Oxhey Park
Holywell, Caractacus Drive
Cassiobury Park

The Impact Meat Consumption Has On Deforestation

Did you know...

41% of global deforestation is because we choose to buy and eat beef. Sustaining the demand for businesses to continue this destructive practice.

This makes beef the number one driver for deforestation in the world. 

The next time you're at the supermarket vote with your wallet. Switch to vegetarian-based meals and give some new recipes a go! We have a free downloadable cookbook available for you to experiment with here.

The children of Watford that helped plant the trees at Watford Field are going to need a world to grow up in, as are the children everywhere else on Earth. Be the change you wish to see.

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FoF Challenge #5

Switch out a day this week (and every week in future!) you had planned for meat to a vegetarian or plant-based option. Quorn mince spaghetti bolognese or bean burritos are a couple yummy examples!
Tag us in your social media post using #FoFChallenge5 - Who knows, maybe even we might give a tasty dish you've made a try and tell the rest of Watford too!

Get Confident in Composting

Composting is the process of decomposing organic waste and reusing the final product as a great fertiliser for plants. Learning how to compost is quite straightforward, and if you enjoy gardening the skill comes hand-in-hand since it'll give any fruit or veg you grow a much needed boost.

One of the best ways to reduce and reuse your food waste is to purchase and use a compost bin, Watford residents can get great value compost bins by clicking here... lucky you!



composting bin filled with fruit, veg, and soil
Urban Orchards free community sustainability course on composting

Free Community Sustainability Courses

Many of our tree planting volunteers have gone on to take up the opportunity to join our free sustainability courses. One of which has been learning how to compost from the guidance of master composter Alan Davies

If you'd like to get involved in our future courses and learn a thing or two then be sure to follow our socials and sign up to our mailer to stay up to date.

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FoF Challenge #6 

Attend one of our free community sustainability courses in Watford.
Tag us in your social media post using #FoFChallenge6

The Importance of Our Ecosystem

Eventually the trees we've planted will grow to the stage of being able to flower in spring. This means bees will be able to pollinate them along with other plants and flowers in the surrounding area. Birds, squirrels, butterflies, hedgehogs, and other animals will be able to use it as part of their habitat. Bringing back nature to urban areas should be a goal for every town in the UK.

How Urban Orchards is Helping Watford's Ecosystem

Urban Orchards volunteers are all from Watford. For our tree planting project we had over 100 volunteers register to get involved! This just shows the level of interest our local community has on wanting to make things better for the planet, one town at a time.

Imagine if Feeding our Future scaled up, the projects we have could expand across the UK and before we know it we've helped reduce our CO2 levels and the movement could even pressure large businesses to make the changes their consumers noticeably care about!

We want to set an example, and while doing so the nature surrounding us is bound to benefit. Many animals you see in your local green spaces will be thankful of these trees in the years to come as it supports their habitat.

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FoF Challenge #7

Planting new trees for the environment is great, but what about the ones tall enough to host a family of birds? This challenge is a fun and creative one for children to get involved in.

Make a bird feeder and hang it on a tree for the birds to enjoy - Here's a coconut bird feeder tutorial to get you started - Parents/guardians, make sure to keep a watchful eye over this challenge as it can get messy!
Tag us in your social media post using #FoFChallenge7 

Buy From Local Watford Food Producers

couple buying local produce

When you switch to local producers from supermarkets you're not only helping the local community but you're also decreasing your carbon footprint through being more responsible with your spending habits. 

It means you're fighting pollution since the delivery distance for trucks and vans is shorter, since the produce is local. As a parent you can teach your children the importance of this type of decision making so the next generation of Watford can benefit and be accountable for their smart consumer choices.

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FoF Challenge #8

Decrease your carbon footprint and choose to buy fruit and/or veg from Watford market instead of a supermarket.
Tag us in your social media post using #FoFChallenge8

Helpful tips to break bad food waste habits

collage of images; strawberries, fridge, and person using phone

Buy and use smaller plates - this will help you portion your food better, waste less food, and if you're aiming to lose weight too this is a great habit to pick up.

Organise your fridge - giving each section a purpose will help avoid overcrowding your fridge with food. Less food forgotten at the back of the fridge, and put into your stomach instead of the bin.

Download and use one of these amazing apps:

Too Good To Go - save money on discounted tasty food that would've otherwise gone in the bin.

Olio - a free sharing app where neighbours can help out one another by giving away unwanted food and more.

Kiche - Type in your random ingredients and out pops a magical list of recipes for you to combine for a yummy meal.

Throughout the Urban Orchards tree plant volunteering we had businesses like Warner Bros get involved, St Luke's School came to help out, and the community of Watford made their mark too. Our volunteer opportunities are open to everyone, and so are our sustainability courses!

Much like the 2,000+ trees we planted back in March 2022, we can't reach our goal of reducing food waste in Watford without your help. Even if 100 people actioned just 1 of these tips, then the result of that positive impact is 100 times stronger compared to just 1 person actioning the advice given!

Group of people standing next to line of shovels
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FoF Challenge #9

Spread the word. Share the information you've learned from this webpage to friends, family, or colleagues. 
Tag us in your social media post using #FoFChallenge9 

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What is The Urban Orchards Project?

✔ A trail of 10 orchards spread across Watford

✔ Offering neighbourhoods, schools and businesses the opportunity to come together to nurture and tend to their orchard

✔ With access to a series of Feeding our Future sustainability courses covering orchard husbandry and food-waste reduction

✔ And an exciting new website to help everyone in Watford tackle climate change in fun and impactful ways
The Feeding our Future Urban Orchards scheme is FREE to all Watford residents and supported by Watford Community Housing, Watford Chamber of Commerce and Watford Borough Council.

We'd like to say thank you to every volunteer that helped us plant over 2,000 trees in Watford!

Over 2,000 trees have been generously planted over 3 days across early March with thanks to our volunteers. 10 locations around Watford have been marked with an Urban Orchard wooden stake to help raise awareness for Feeding our Future. Feeding our Future is all about helping reduce food waste in Watford.
When a curious individual scans the QR code on the wooden stake at their orchard location they'll soon be able to learn helpful tips and tricks on reducing their food waste. This timeless solution gives the people of Watford a chance to learn how to make their positive impact on the planet, and grow with the natural world rather than against it.
If you'd like to help out with any future tree planting, sign up to urban orchard courses and learn the various ways you can reduce your food waste, or would like to know more about other exciting Feeding our Future projects be sure to sign up to our mailer below! 

By signing up to the Urban Orchards project you will be helping Watford in its application for an Earthshot Prize. Find out more here

Who We Are
Training Courses
Feeding Our Future Logo
Orchard Locations
Feeding our Future is Watford's opportunity to help fix climate change by reducing food-waste in the Watford food-chain. By working together, Watford-wide, we will develop and implement smart, sustainable and cost-effective ideas, designed with everyone in mind.
Acting locally - impacting globally.
Free training courses available throughout the year accessible to the local community (dates & times to follow soon):

Urban Orchards Launch! Discover what's it all about, getting involved, & future plans

Orchard Maintenance - learn how to care for your orchard with a professional arborist!

Community Composting - make smarter use of your food waste

Rewilding and The Bee Story - saving the bees and letting our ecosystem flourish

Where Your Food Waste Goes - revealing the truth behind where our food waste ends up

BBQ Cooking (Vegan and Meat) - a BBQ that will save food from waste
None of the above

We've got a lot more free courses coming for the local community of Watford and the surrounding area (that means you!) to get involved in.

Have a browse of the planned locations of each orchard community planting in Watford:

1. Meriden & Mallard Way Junction
2. Gossamers
3. Garsmouth Way
4. Goodwood Park
5. Watford Fields
6. Oxhey Park
7. Waterfields
8. Holywell, Caractacus Drive
9. Cassiobury Park

Positively Impacting The Community, One Project at a Time


Read our story of how we rallied up the local community to plant over 400 trees!

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