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What is The Urban Orchards Project?

✔ A trail of 10 orchards spread across Watford

✔ Offering neighbourhoods, schools and businesses the opportunity to come together to nurture and tend to their orchard

✔ With access to a series of Feeding our Future training courses covering orchard husbandry and food-waste reduction

✔ And an exciting new website to help everyone in Watford tackle climate change in fun and impactful ways
The Feeding our Future Urban Orchards scheme is FREE to all Watford residents and supported by Watford Community Housing, Watford Chamber of Commerce and Watford Borough Council.

We'd like to say thank you to every volunteer that helped us plant over 2,000 trees in Watford!

Over 2,000 trees have been generously planted over 3 days across early March with thanks to our volunteers. 10 locations around Watford have been marked with an Urban Orchard wooden stake to help raise awareness for Feeding our Future. Feeding our Future is all about helping reduce food waste in Watford.
When a curious individual scans the QR code on the wooden stake at their orchard location they'll soon be able to learn helpful tips and tricks on reducing their food waste. This timeless solution gives the people of Watford a chance to learn how to make their positive impact on the planet, and grow with the natural world rather than against it.
If you'd like to help out with any future tree planting, sign up to urban orchard courses and learn the various ways you can reduce your food waste, or would like to know more about other exciting Feeding our Future projects be sure to sign up to our mailer below! 
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By signing up to the Urban Orchards project you will be helping Watford in its application for an Earthshot Prize. Find out more here

Who We Are
Training Courses
Orchard Locations
Feeding our Future is Watford's opportunity to help fix climate change by reducing food-waste in the Watford food-chain. By working together, Watford-wide, we will develop and implement smart, sustainable and cost-effective ideas, designed with everyone in mind.
Acting locally - impacting globally.
Free training courses available throughout the year accessible to the local community (dates & times to follow soon):

Urban Orchards Launch! Discover what's it all about, getting involved, & future plans

Orchard Maintenance - learn how to care for your orchard with a professional arborist!

Community Composting - make smarter use of your food waste

Rewilding and The Bee Story - saving the bees and letting our ecosystem flourish

Where Your Food Waste Goes - revealing the truth behind where our food waste ends up

BBQ Cooking (Vegan and Meat) - a BBQ that will save food from waste
None of the above

We've got a lot more free courses coming for the local community of Watford and the surrounding area (that means you!) to get involved in.

Have a browse of the planned locations of each orchard community planting in Watford:

1. Meriden & Mallard Way Junction
2. Meriden Community Centre
3. Gossamers
4. Farefolds
5. Goodwood Park
6. Watford Fields
7. Oxhey Park
8. Waterfields
9. Holywell, Caractacus Drive
10. Cassiobury Park

Positively Impacting The Community, One Project at a Time


Read our story of how we rallied up the local community to plant over 400 trees!

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