Webb Strategy is usually approached by businesses who are at a turning point in their development, or who need to solve an issue of strategic importance. It may be that they don’t have the experience to address it, they can’t get away from day to day issues for long enough or they would just like the benefit of fresh eyes and ideas.

We love getting to grips with the tricky stuff. Bringing extra brainpower, experience, energy and creativity to bear. And working with the senior team to ensure the outcomes are a blend of both internal and external intelligence.

We are experienced in grasping the issues quickly – hitting the ground running, as the saying goes. That includes understanding your customers, as well as the metrics which will drive business success. We work with your team as well as for your team – judging when to coach from the sidelines and when to get stuck right in. We are genuinely interested in solving the issues and getting it right – and will apply our energy and determination to make it happen.