A Slice of Happiness is a community organisation which involves a team of experienced Innate Health professionals donating their time free of charge.

A Slice of Happiness mission is to provide a cost-effective, evidence-based Innate Health Homelessness Programme which enables those suffering with homelessness to uncover their innate mental well-being and consequently improve their mental health and self destructive behaviour. This, in turn, enables them to have a stronger purpose in life and help those sleeping rough to be able to take the next steps to meet criteria implemented by hostels, overcome innate negative feelings to enable them to reach out for help from family and friends and to assist those in temporary accommodation to avoid homelessness.

Caroline is an Ambassador for Business Buzz in Watford and has won a Mcvety Research Support Award from the Three Principles Research & Consulting (www.3prc.com) to assist her with her project, Asliceofhappiness.coach which are delivering ten week Programmes to support those affected by Homelessness in Watford, Hertfordshire and Slough, Middlesex. In August 2018, she was also invited to Buckingham Palace in recognition of the voluntary work she does with those affected by Homelessness by providing grassroots Psychological support.